• Do you do 4×4 mechanical services?

    Yes, we service 4wd vehicles.

    Do you do auto electrics?

    Yes, starter motors, alternators (replaced), box trailer rewiring, lights and more on request.

    Do you do diesel mechanical repairs?

    Yes, on cars and trucks up to 3 ton.

    Do you do log book servicing?

    Yes, as per manufacturer’s instructions/requirements.

    Do you do truck mechanical services?

    Yes, only up to 3 ton.

    Do you provide wheel alignments?

    Yes, we do Wheel Alignment & Balancing at Wayne’s Auto Repairs

    What other services do you offer?

    We also service, brakes, clutches, some engine rebuilds and manual transmissions, windscreens

    Which makes of cars do you do?

    We service, Holden, Ford, Toyota, Mazda, Honda, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Nissan, Daewoo, Daihatsu, Subaru, Suzuki.

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    Auto Services

    • Routine Vehicle Services
    • Vehicle Lubrication
    • Diagnostic Machines
    • Wheel balancing
    • Suspension and Steering
    • Differentials & Transmissions
    • Brakes
    • Engine Rebuilds

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