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    Servicing and Maintaining Cars for over 20 Years. Based in Yeronga, on the southside of Brisbane, and carrying out all forms of mechanical work on sedans, 4WD’s and Light Commercial Vehicles Up To 4 Tonne.

    Protect your vehicle, yourself, your family and others by making sure your car is safe and reliable. Carefully read the following details to ensure you understand the importance of regular servicing by the high integrity business of Wayne’s Auto Repairs.

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  • vehicle-service

    Routine Vehicle Services

    As detailed in our HOME page servicing is not a cost, it is an investment. To ensure ongoing reliability and safety all vehicles need to be serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines . Servicing covers all aspects of a motor vehicle including engine, suspension, transmission, braking systems, instrumentation and other controls. Routine servicing often identifies potential problems which if repaired early can save a lot of money in the longer term.

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  • lubrication

    Vehicle Lubrication

    Clean vehicle lubrication is critical to the longevity of any motor vehicle. A vehicle that has the oil changed in the Engine, Transmission and Steering System on a regular basis can last 2 to 3 times longer than a neglected vehicle before any major repairs are required. Regular greasing of items like universal joints and constant velocity joints can save a lot of money in the medium term .Regular servicing of vehicle lubricants is an investment with a fantastic return.

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  • diagnostics

    Diagnostic Machines

    Wayne’s Auto Repairs has access to a wide range of vehicle diagnostic machines. The evolution of electronic and other vehicle systems has been very rapid over the last decade and sophisticated diagnostic machinery is now essential to ensure that all vehicle systems are operating correctly.

    Some examples of vehicle systems that require diagnostic machinery to ensure correct operation are

    1. Electronic fuel injection to ensure fuel efficiency
    2. Instrumentation to ensure correct vehicle instrument readings for protection of the mechanical systems in the vehicle
    3. Stability control to ensure safe control of the vehicle
    4. ABS Braking systems. No Driver really knows if the ABS (Anti Lock Braking) system is working on their vehicle until emergency braking is required. By that time it is too late to find out your ABS is not operating correctly

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  • wheel-balancing

    Wheel Balancing

    If the steering wheel on you vehicle “wobbles” when you are driving it or there is a vibration in the rear of the vehicle it is likely that the wheels are out of balanced. Wheel balancing should be checked regularly as the out of balance effect sometimes only occurs at a particular speed.

    For example you could have been driving around town for a few months at speeds at up to 80KPH and everything is fine. You then go on a trip in a 100KPH speed Zone and the steering wheel almost “wobbles” out of your hands because the wheels are out of balance. Check the wheel balance regularly.

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  • suspension

    Suspension and Steering

    Any vehicle suspension and steering is critical to the safety of the vehicle. Suspension components such as ball joints and other suspension pivot points have a tough job supporting the vehicle over all sorts of surfaces from smooth bitumen roads to corrugated tracks and need to be inspected regularly to ensure safety and longevity. Neglect of suspensions can lead to a lot of danger for the car occupants if a suspension component fails.

    More modern vehicles with stability control have more complex suspensions and any wear in the suspension is more likely to effect the cars handling abilities. The steering of a vehicle is critical to your survival. Most modern vehicles have power steering which is powered by a hydraulic pump driven off the engine.

    Components that often fail in steering systems are,hydraulic hoses ,the belt drive from the engine to the power steering pump, the power steering pump itself, the steering box or rack and pinion and a number of other smaller components that are essential to the safe and efficient operation of the steering on your vehicle. Protect yourself. Make sure your vehicle suspension and steering system is serviced regularly.

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  • transmission

    Differentials & Transmissions

    Regular servicing of Differentials and Transmissions is essential to reducing the overall cost of maintaining a motor vehicle. Differentials and transmissions transfer the engine power to the road and if they fail the car becomes immobile.

    Manual gearboxes and clutches and Automatic Transmissions are under some load most of the time the vehicle is being driven and their servicing is essential in preventing very expensive repairs.

    The Differential ,particularly Limited Slip Differentials that most modern cars have ,must be serviced with the correct grade and type of oil otherwise their efficiency effecting the fuel efficiency of the vehicle and road traction and safety, particularly on wet or dirt roads, can be greatly reduced. Ensure regular servicing of your Vehicle’s Differential and Transmission.

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  • brakes


    Can you imagine putting your foot on the brake pedal to slow down or stop and the pedal goes straight to the floor of the car with no brakes at all. It can and does happen if the brakes are not regularly serviced. All vehicles use various types of hydraulic systems to activate the brakes. Major brake components include the following consumable components.

    1. Brake discs and drums
    2. Disc Pads and Brake Shoes
    3. Hydraulic cylinders and seals
    4. Hydraulic lines and hoses
    5. ABS ( Anti Lock System) operation

    If your ABS system is not operating and you need to do an emergency stop the wheels will lock up and you then have no control over the vehicle. ABS is critical to the safe braking of your vehicle. If any of these components in the braking system of your vehicle are neglected, the risk of driving your vehicle increases significantly. Protect your vehicle, yourself and your family by having your braking system serviced regularly.

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  • Engine Rebuilds

    When a vehicle has been neglected or has traveled a lot of kilometers an engine rebuild is often necessary. Wayne’s Auto Repairs is very experienced in rebuilding all types of engines including turboed diesels and all rebuilt engines come with a warranty to support the service offered.

    Only high quality components and high tolerance machining and assembly are employed in this engine rebuilding process by the technicians of WaynesAutoRepairs. Details of this warranty are available on request and free quotes are available.

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  • Wheel Aligment


    It doesn’t take much to knock a vehicle out of alignment: potholes, curbs and even regular wear and tear can take a toll on your vehicle’s suspension system and steering components. And once that happens, everything—your tires, your vehicle and your hands on the steering wheel—will soon feel it.

    Vehicle alignment plays a critical role in the performance of your vehicle, and here are the three biggest ways:

    1. Tire life and savings. When your vehicle’s suspension system is out of alignment, it’s probably going to lead to uneven tire wear, and that means a shorter life expectancy for your tires. With regular alignment, however, your tires will last longer and save you money.
    2. Safety. When your wheels aren’t aligned, it can cause your vehicle to pull right or left, undermining your control and handling.
    3. Comfort. Aligned wheels are much safer to drive on, and they also make driving much easier and enjoyable.

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  • Dobinsons Suspension and Accessories

    We Supply and Fit Dobinsons 4×4 Suspension and Accessories, as well as Lion Batteries.

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