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    Wayne’s Auto Repairs Pty Ltd is a highly regarded small business in the Yeronga area and surrounding suburbs, recently being nominated for Quest Newspapers Awards, Small Business Section for 2007 and 2008. We are able to service all make and model vehicles, light commercial (up to 4 ton) and 4WD’s.

    We welcome you to this website and encourage you to take time to look at all the services Wayne’s Auto Repairs Pty Ltd can provide for your vehicle. For personalised and professional service contact us via email or phone. We look forward to hearing from you.

    Reward your car and protect your investment

    Regular servicing of your vehicle by a well known and accredited business like Wayne’s Auto Repairs is not a cost, it is an investment. It is an investment in the ongoing safety of yourself and your family and an investment in the retained value of your vehicle.


    Reasons to service you vehicle regularly

    A vehicle with recorded servicing in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines becomes far more valuable in the market when the time comes to change or upgrade to another vehicle. This is well proven in the used car market. Another reason regular servicing of your vehicle is an investment is that when some owners do not have their vehicle serviced regularly the vehicle will often suffer major failures that will cost a lot more to repair than the cost of regular servicing. An example of this is the simple routine changing of the oil in your car.

    A saving of hundreds of dollars by not having the oil in your car changed regularly could, and often does, cost you a new engine in the long term. A new engine usually costs many thousands of dollars. So investing a few hundred dollars on care of your vehicle can save you many thousands of dollars in major repairs. Many people have learnt this lesson the hard way. Try not to become one of them. Have your vehicle serviced regularly. The investment in your family’s safety is even more important. Imagine driving along with your children in the car and jumping on the brakes to avoid another car and there are no brakes or going to turn the steering wheel and the steering doesn’t work These unfortunate events can and do happen if a vehicle is not serviced regularly.

    Wayne’s Auto Repairs specialises in the very thorough servicing and repair of motor vehicles to protect the owners, drivers and occupants.

    Wayne’s Auto Repairs is located at Yeronga, on Brisbane’s southside and services a very broad area around this location. Waynes Auto Repairs services all vehicle makes and models up to 4 ton including light commercial vehicles and 4WD. Regular servicing of your vehicle by a well known and respected business like Wayne’s Auto Repairs will protect your family and your investment in your vehicle.

    Protect your family and your investment
    Call 07 3892 5543 now to reserve your valuable servicing appointment.

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